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Did the below make it through to the list?  If not, it seems the
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Thanks to everyone who made an effort and turned up (easy for me,
cos I live in Cardiff) on Saturday.  I had a good time meeting
people and chatting yesterday.  Lots of oddly-familiar faces,
considering I don't go to many of these events.  This can be
remedied:  next month's picnic, perhaps (URL, anyone)?

A big thanks to Ceri for being secretary, and staying sober
enough for long enough (he should be able to read this by
tomorrow ;-).  Well done Paul Richards for stirring it up in the
first place (though not for phoning my house - as opposed to my
mobile - at 1am!  Linda will not forgive /me/ for some reason...).

Shame I didn't get to chat to Paul Robinson about a new funky
installer - especially after I was late turning up having spent
most of the afternoon installing Smoothwall (because my dad won't
use FreeBSD cos it sounds complicated).

Last but not least, my (well, our) photos:
Please let me know of name corrections - with my apologies if your
name is wrong/missing.

Happy birthday FreeBSD.  Here's to the next 10 years...

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