SCO suit

Pete French pete at
Tue Jun 24 14:07:19 BST 2003


The article linked off that one
is also pretty interesting as an insight into IBM's mindset though isnt it?

I'd be very surprised if SCO wins this case. But on the other hand I would
also be very surprised if IBM isnt, in some part, guilty as charged.

In fact I think I'd be disappointed if IBM wasnt guilty - the idea that
they have been freeing up bits of UNIX  by putting thme into Linux is quite
appealing somehow. Wasnt the whole impetus behind all of this, from
Minix onwards, that we all wanted UNIX to be free ? If somebody achieves this
by illegal means, and then uses its huge bulk to crush the legal copyright
owners when they try and sue, then part of me is pretty happy about that.



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