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Paul Robinson paul at
Tue Jun 24 10:53:26 BST 2003

On Tue, Jun 24, 2003 at 10:21:49AM +0100, Paul Richards wrote:

> A topic of discuss Saturday was the SCO suit, where I suggested that
> getting bought by IBM didn't seem to me to be a likely reason for their
> actions.

Who would want to buy SCO? SCO is crap. Nobody wants SCO.
> Today's news is that SCO is not going to sue any of *its* Linux
> customers, since they're already paying for the use of any SCO IP that
> may exist in Linux.

No, they're paying for SCO's products, not Linux, so SCO are shooting
themselves in the foot here if they want the IP claims to hold up in court.  
It's like me stealing a Jaguar and the manufacturers, Ford, saying that's OK
because I own a Focus.*
> So, is SCO making a play for the Linux market? "Linux is tainted
> with our code so either pay us royalties or stop using it."

SCO already did. Weren't they the bitches behind Caldera? The worst Linux 
distrobution in the world? The one nobody wanted, just like nobody wanted 
any SCO Unix boxes any more?
> If that's what they're up to then things could start getting
> interesting :-)

Indeed. I predict that within six months, FreeBSD will benefit from a bunch
of articles pointing out that the BSDs have just been going along,
unaffected by all of this. That the IP and legal issues around BSD was
sorted out a long time ago, and the licensing is such that the corporates
can get into a bed with it. Providing of course, by that point, all the
things the corporates need that aren't there at the moment, are in place.

And because it's still morning, and I'm bored, here's a couple of jokes to 
lighten the mood:

A cheese sandwich walks into a bar. The barman clocks him and says "Sorry 
mate, we don't serve food in here..."


A priest, a rabbi and a buddhist walk into a pub. The barman says "Is this 
some kind of joke?"

Well, *I* thought they were funny.

Paul Robinson

* I don't in fact own a Focus. I don't drive. Don't start sending me your 
"Ha ha! You own a crap car!" e-mails. Do however, feel free to send me poor 
quality jokes that work well in a pub.

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