Routed ppp

crizza crizza at
Thu Jun 19 17:12:21 BST 2003

Well i think you will find that it was I that pointed out the fact that 
the gateway/router was pointing at its internal interface remember?

 And if you mean explicit gateway then why didnt you specify?

Jason and I had already suggested that the ppp configuration needed to 
be changed to ask for the next hop to be assigned. Check the posts its 
all there.

your comment:

     'um there shouldnt be a gateway setting for the bsd box, it _is_ 
the gateway'

Is inherently incorrect.

i think what you were trying to say was
    'um there shouldnt be an explicit gateway assigned to the 
gateway/router by the admin becuase if you configure ppp correctly as 
suggested before         then it will assign the default route itself on 
the fly'

therefore, maybe you should 'read, think and then check your syntax' 
before you post!


Pete French wrote:

>>>Um there shouldn't be a gateway setting for the bsd box, it _is_ the gateway.
>>Ok, If you are _correct_ where does the gateway for network 'x' send 
>>packets to that are not destined for the network is serves?
>He means, as did I, that there should be no explicit 'default gateway' set
>for the box. It is going to get that from PPP remember ? Which might change
>depending on what modem he dials into. So you dont set a gateway on the box.
>For the internal machines it *is* the gateway, and then it gets the upstream
>default gateway dynamicly.
>>At least think before you post.
>Yes, it would be nice, wouldnt it ?

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