Routed ppp

crizza crizza at
Thu Jun 19 15:54:45 BST 2003

Every gateway/router needs another destination to forward packets onto 
that are not destined for the network it handles routing for.
As myself and Jason suggested, if you configure ppp correctly it will 
set up the next destination hop for you ( eg default ) in your routing 
tables for the gateway/router then all you need to do is assign the 
correct DNS ip's ( eg your ISP dns servers ) to the clients and point 
their next hop ( eg default ) at the gateway/router interface for your 
local network.

You 'may' also need to put your ISP dns ip's into your resolv.conf on 
the gateway/router as I am not sure if PPP populates this file 

>Your comment that the BSD box as an IP gateway abopve interests me - it
>shouldnt need a gateway at all (where it gatewaying to ?). Take that
>out and you might find it all "just works" maybe ?
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