Routed ppp

Pete French pete at
Thu Jun 19 15:17:22 BST 2003

> In a nutshell I have a win98 box static ip gateway
> Bsd server static ip gateway, all I need is seamless

That identical to my setup (well, XP as opposed to 98 but anyway..) its
just about the simplest setup you can have. But my question regarding DNS stoill
applies - you need to set a DNS server on the Windows box and the Windows box
cant get it from PPP as the PPP is running on the UNIX box. I had mine
staticly configured when I used dialup, these days I fun anamed on the
gateway box - but either way you need something there if you want to use names
on the windows box.

> The netstat I sent was from bsd and it has been suggested I am routing
> myself back to localhost, which doesn't  surprise me

Your comment that the BSD box as an IP gateway abopve interests me - it
shouldnt need a gateway at all (where it gatewaying to ?). Take that
out and you might find it all "just works" maybe ?


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