Routed ppp

Daniel Daniel
Thu Jun 19 14:12:09 BST 2003

In a nutshell I have a win98 box static ip gateway
Bsd server static ip gateway, all I need is seamless
access to the www from a static ip lan. The only difference to others I have
set up is my dialup machine and gateway are the same.

The netstat I sent was from bsd and it has been suggested I am routing
myself back to localhost, which doesn't  surprise me

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> > winipcfg is fine, just what you'd expect to see in there.
> >
> > Tiscali don't publish their dns server ip's so I just collect them from
> Now I am *very* confused - I thought that the PPP was on the UNIX machine
> the machine which cant resolve hosts was the Windows machine.
> Is this is the case then how are you taking the DNS from PPP on the UNIX
> machine and propagating it to the configuration on the windows machine ?
> -bat.

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