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Daniel Daniel
Thu Jun 19 12:43:24 BST 2003

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> > Dns is set up by ppp "set dns"
> > I don't have numbers for, is my gateway
> What about the DNS on the windows machine (view this with winipcfg)? This
> will need to be set to the IP address of Tiscali's DNS servers on the
> Internet.
winipcfg is fine, just what you'd expect to see in there.

Tiscali don't publish their dns server ip's so I just collect them from ppp.
I have tried populating the dns search order with destination ip's but no

Are my routes dying, or just not all there in the first place?
> is
pinging this number gives TTL expired in transit from windows.
> Also, if you try to ping things from the shell prompt on your FreeBSD
> machine while PPP is up, does it work?
All pings TTL expire in transit from bsd.

What about surfing the web with lynx
> or wget or even just telnet to blah:80?

don't have lynx or wget, telnet to blah:80 just hangs
> Chris

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