Routed ppp

Pete French pete at
Thu Jun 19 10:51:42 BST 2003

> Results:
> c:> ping gives full reply TTL 64
> c:> ping gives unknown host domain
> c:> ping gives unknown host
> c:>tracert gives unable to resolve target system name

Where do you have your DNS pointing to ? What happens if you use the
numbers instead of the names ?

> whilst online PPP with tiscali
> I can ping from c:> gives TTL 254
> also gives TTL 64.

How did you supply the nat option to ppp, and did you also supply the
default route ? In /etc/rc.conf you should have:


been a while since I ussed dialup, but I am fairly sure thats all I did,
and some of those options may now be the default!


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