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Frank Shute frank at
Wed Jun 18 18:39:59 BST 2003

On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 04:06:01PM +0100, Daniel Finnimore wrote:

> I am still having trouble with my windows pc's not being able to
> access the internet thru the Freebsd ppp connection. 
> I have studied the handbook on this subject but am either missing
> the point or can't find why my pc's are being prevented for using
> the link. I have static ip's locally and want to keep these.  My
> routing table shows all the ip's of the machines on the network (in
> PPP show route). eg I set up my server as test, domain, no
> gateway, static ip subnet mask my windows
> pc's have as the gateway. Using set dns in my ppp.conf
> file my dns is populated now by tiscali, but still no windows
> internet. If I ping some of the ip addresses shown in the routing
> table in ppp, from my windows pc, I get 100% reply but with the
> message "TTL expired in link". I have no firewall, no nat. Sometimes
> I can ping the gateway address and get a proper reply. Do I have to
> allow my windows boxes to go over ppp, or tcp/ip. If so where to I
> set these permissions. 

You have to enable tcp/ip networking in Windows...somewhere under
control panel I think, and you have to give ppp the -nat option on
your BSD box. If you've done that then your problem is possibly name
resolution on your Windows machine.

Fire up your connection & then:

C:> ping
C:> ping
C:> ping


C:> tracert

from one of your Windows machines & post the output.

Also do:

$ netstat -r

on your gateway & post that to. Then we've got a bit to go on.



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