Selling FreeBSD

Paul Robinson paul at
Wed Jun 18 14:54:23 BST 2003

On Wed, Jun 18, 2003 at 02:42:56PM +0100, Steve Purkis wrote:

> Sounds great to me - I come accross so many people who are fed up with
> being locked in to second rate software from MS etc but are afraid to make
> the leap to an alternative system...

Linux competes with Microsoft. FreeBSD just works. :-) Except, at the moment 
it only works for 'n' users within a relatively small set (ISP admins, 

> What? Even me? I only have nine years left then - better get my head down
> now ;-)

Ahhh, you know what I mean. I learnt my first programming on a BBC in BASIC 
at school, and I'm now happy playing around with all sorts of languages on 
all sorts of environments. Can you imagine what you would be doing now if 
your school had given you FreeBSD to play with when you were 13?

Paul Robinson

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