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Wed Jun 18 14:42:56 BST 2003

On Wed, 18 Jun 2003 12:53:37 +0100
"Paul Robinson" <paul at> wrote:

> Absolutely. One of my "plans" involves approaching manufacturers with an 
> easy OEM build. In return, they make a voluntary contribution to either the 
> FreeBSD foundation or an organisation here in the UK that is then able to 
> invest in hiring of programmers to work full-time on FBSD.

Sounds great to me - I come accross so many people who are fed up with being locked in to second rate software from MS etc but are afraid to make the leap to an alternative system...

> > Another point: I would never have learnt there were alternatives to the
> > way most people work (win/mac) if things were too "easy".
> Fair enough. That's a training exercise though. Give them X with OpenOffice, 
> KDE, etc. and within 10 years you have a whole new load of kernel hackers. 
> :-)

What? Even me? I only have nine years left then - better get my head down now ;-)



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