The Gathering

Ceri Davies setantae at
Wed Jun 18 11:59:47 BST 2003

On Wed, Jun 18, 2003 at 11:35:22AM +0100, Paul Robinson wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 02:30:13PM +0100, MAWDSLEY, Adrian wrote:
> > How about a 1:30 and a 7:30 then we can all have a good ol' time. Plus the
> > early birds who grab train etc won't be hanging around and those you like to
> > take things leisurely can join us in the evening
> The ones who go to the 1:30 are likely to be lightly sozzled by 7:30. In 
> fact, if I turn up for 1:30 I'll probably want to go home by 8:00. :-) And I 
> (as many will tell you) do not shy away from beer easily - I'm a heavy 
> drinker, but even I think this might be... tricky...

That's why I'm not coming that early; I live in Cardiff.

> > I should probably also mention that Dempsey's does not have a beer garden,
> Even though it's not too sunny at the moment, the BBC has on a 4-day 
> forecast that indeed, it should be sunny in Cardiff on Saturday. However, 
> we're coders. We're supposed to hate the sun. I want to drink in a basement 
> without windows and where the ambient temperature is 4C. It'll remind me of 
> a machine room. :-)

Good point.

> Which other pub were you thinking of? Can I suggest either somewhere near 
> the station or somewhere near Dempsey's to make it easy for people to find 
> the early-bird crowd?

The closest pub to the station is the Prince of Wales; it's a Wetherspoons so
has cheap (if not particularly great) beer, great toilets and no music.
Walk out of the train station towards the bus station, keep going until you
get to Wood Street and turn right.  It's on your right hand side just behind
the guy selling flowers.  Doesn't have a beer garden either, but is perhaps
handy for people coming in from outside Cardiff to meet up.

I'm (kind of) willing to act as secretary for this; finger ceri at
for my mobile number.  If people want to privately mail me theirs then I'll
have a full list of contacts, and maybe SMS me when you hit Cardiff.  Then I
can tell you where everybody is (assuming that the group let me know where
they are at any one time).

Iniaes: Sure, I can accept all forms of payment.

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