The Gathering

Wed Jun 18 11:38:41 BST 2003

I'll be at the station around 1:30 so I shall meet satan as i know cardiff
from my student days that ended less than a year ago. So i can guide satan
to Dempseys :)
/me gets big stick to prod Satan with

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On Tue, Jun 17, 2003 at 02:30:13PM +0100, MAWDSLEY, Adrian wrote:

> How about a 1:30 and a 7:30 then we can all have a good ol' time. Plus the
> early birds who grab train etc won't be hanging around and those you like
> take things leisurely can join us in the evening

The ones who go to the 1:30 are likely to be lightly sozzled by 7:30. In 
fact, if I turn up for 1:30 I'll probably want to go home by 8:00. :-) And I

(as many will tell you) do not shy away from beer easily - I'm a heavy 
drinker, but even I think this might be... tricky...

If all parties were willing, we could just hold the whole thing 
mid-afternoon and let it go on until it dies....
> Steve Roome told me this morning that he'd be at the station at 1pm,
> because "Satan will be at the station for 1300 and needs directions".

Satan can get a taxi, surely? That's my plan at any rate...

> Go figure ;^)  Personally I doubt I'll make it that early.

Me too. I'm travelling on wonderful Virgin trains, so have no idea what time

I'll turn up. I'll guess 2-3pm.
> I should probably also mention that Dempsey's does not have a beer garden,

Even though it's not too sunny at the moment, the BBC has on a 4-day 
forecast that indeed, it should be sunny in Cardiff on Saturday. However, 
we're coders. We're supposed to hate the sun. I want to drink in a basement 
without windows and where the ambient temperature is 4C. It'll remind me of 
a machine room. :-)

> do arrive early in the day may wish to go somewhere else during the day,
> perhaps we should arrange two meeting times, one for the afternoon and

Which other pub were you thinking of? Can I suggest either somewhere near 
the station or somewhere near Dempsey's to make it easy for people to find 
the early-bird crowd?

Paul Robinson

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