Asus AP160R-S & LSI MegaRAID 320-1 PCI-X compatibility?

Serge -Intraforum- serge at
Mon Jun 16 11:06:41 BST 2003


I wonder if anyone can advise on this problem:

1U Asus AP160R-S server (PCI 64-bit, 133MHz, or PCI-X)

LSI MegaRAID 320-1 SCSI (PCI 64-bit, 66MHz)

- RAID5 configured OK, 3x 36GB disks active & 1x hotspare

- after normal FreeBSD installation 4.8 the system won't boot

- after Ctrl-Alt-Del reboot - error "LSI MegaRAID not found",
not always but in most cases; after hardware reset or power
cycle MegaRAID is detected properly again

- LSI support suggested it's related to hardware incompatibility,
i.e. PCI-X bus does not auto-detect & match PCI card frequency

Please advise! .. if there's nothing that can be done, except
replacing this RAID controller with another brand/make - please
advise on best RAID controller for Asus AP160R-S server running
FreeBSD 4.8



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