Internet connection sharing

Andrew Hodgson andrewh at
Wed Jun 11 09:51:40 BST 2003

> Daniel Finnimore wrote:
> I have my FreeBSD box now connected to using PPP over a
> 56K modem. This box has a static ip of and the gateway is
> set to same. I want to route my windows pc thru this Freebsd
> connection but can't. When the internet connection is up I can ping
> the but not the isp (from windows). I have flushed the
> firewall but still no joy. For now all I want is a connection, I will
> wall it all up when I can see the outside world.

It seems odd that you can only ping the gateway when PPP is working,
they should see each other all the time. Are you connecting them
directly via ethernet? It also seems slightly odd that your ISP would
approve of as a static IP...are you not getting an address
via DHCP?

Also, are you using ipfw/natd or ipfilter/ipnat?



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