BSD Laptops

Richard Ellis richard-ellis at
Mon Jun 9 14:18:12 BST 2003

I dont know how much they cost but I had a compaq M700 which worked well wi=
=46reeBSD 4.7 - I tried 5.0 but had trouble with the ACPI. The inbuilt NIC=
worked but I never tried the modem.=20

On Saturday 07 Jun 2003 14:04, MAWDSLEY, Adrian wrote:
> K, I'm going on the hunt over the next week to get myself a
> Laptop/Notebook/Mobile Computer Device. And was wanting some input from t=
> Mass-At-Large
> I've been checking out various Unix/Linux/BSD laptop sites:
> E.g.
> I've got my budget of around =A3700 , so my Laptop will most likely be a
> Second Hand job, though i saw a nice IBM Thinkpad on today.
> So basically i'm wanting suggestions, horror stories and some good advise.
> Before i spend my wad
> If you want some specs to work from.
> 1ghz min processor
> 256MB RAM
> 20GB HDD
> DVD/CD-RW (not bothered if they have to be added externally, as long as
> they will run in BSD)
> Modem
> PC-CARD slot for a WiFi card would be nice
> Thanks in advance for the suggestions and help
> Adrian
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