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Paul Robinson paul at
Mon Jun 9 12:35:01 BST 2003

On Sat, Jun 07, 2003 at 02:04:46PM +0100, MAWDSLEY, Adrian wrote:

> So basically i'm wanting suggestions, horror stories and some good advise.
> Before i spend my wad

Over two years ago now, I bought my current laptop, an IBM Thinkpad 240 off 
e-bay for about 400 quid. It's a sub-notebook really without a CD-drive, 
external floppy, etc. and most people's first comments are "isn't it small" 
even though it's only a little smaller than an A4 pad. The only problems 
I've had with it is the battery sucks, the soundcard is a pain to get 
working (but possible with a custom kernel) and the Winmodem is something 
that didn't work back then, and I haven't tried since.

I'm looking at buying a new laptop in the next 6 months, and my likely 
candidates are going to be thinkpads again. I'm looking at the X-Series at 
the moment, but it's out of your budget and doesn't have a built-in CD or 
DVD drive. You might find one cheap through the channels out there, and 
perhaps a refurb if you're lucky.

In my experience (I've never owned my own desktop PC, only ever laptops), 
the bigger names are better supported, although korean/taiwanese re-badges 
can be sorted out once you've got the FCC ID and the *real* manufacturer of 
the machine.

There is loads of other sutff to consider about laptops (I've never owned my 
own desktop PC since I had an Amstrad 1512) but none of them are BSD 
related. If you've never bought/owned one before, shout up and I'll write up 
a checklist. 

Paul Robinson

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