BT ADSL Gateway

Simon Dick simond at
Mon Jun 9 10:15:48 BST 2003

On Fri, 2003-06-06 at 12:58, James Read wrote:
> > I find with my setup my machine reboots if I try to upload large files
> > due to a USB overflow, I've gotten around that by using dummynet to
> > restrict outgoing traffic to 230Kbps
> You might want to try using -current if you feel brave enough, there has
> been some activety in the speedtouch mailing list that some people have had
> some panics on the FreeBSD platform in regard to USB - /sys/dev/usb/ugen.c
> (aswell as pppoa2 not performing as good as it should and other things).
> This comes down to using pppoa2 and not pppoa3 in which the latter version
> has many improvements over the other. But becuase there is somthing going
> adrift with pthreads? (dont jump on me here, as I'm guessing) you need to
> install the port
>  /usr/ports/devel/linuxthreads and patch a few files from the speedtouch
> source to get it working nicely (assuming you are running FBSD-current).

I have to admit, it's a deliberate decision to stick with 4.x on that
box as it has all my data, mail, squid, etc, my laptop and desktop
already run -current (also it makes it easier testing port updates when
I have a 4.x box handy!)

> I know its probably not of any help but this is why I use a stripped down
> version of Linux to provide basic USB ADSL support via the frog (becuase its
> stable enough) , then behind that I have a FBSD  bridge that does dummynet +
> ipfw rules.

Apart from a lack of desk space, I do eventually plan to get an ethernet
router when spare cash allows :)

> In repect to your problem with uploading files, I had the exact same, also
> when downloading large files aswell. Infact anything that relies on a heavy
> amount of bandwidth via the USB interface to the ADSL modem would bomb out.

Had no problems downloading, I assumed the usb driver in 4.x just wasn't
that good at queuing data to be sent for some reason but haven't
bothered looking into it at all (just have a swatch process running that
auto reboots the box when the usb dies as there's no way to power down a
certain port individually)

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