Can't find Intel EtherExpress isa NIC

Bruce M Simpson bms at
Sat Jun 7 13:07:27 BST 2003

On Fri, Jun 06, 2003 at 08:42:34PM +0100, Chris Whitehouse wrote:
>  I tried this, guessing at kernel.conf syntax,  but still couldn't get any response (except mine's a EtherExpress 16 and comes under the ie(4) driver). I may not have got 
> the syntax right but also I think the card may be broken (and so cheap not worth spending any more time on).

Please see the following link. This should have been committed to RELENG_4
a few weeks ago, but I'm including it in case you haven't/can't cvsup yet.

> I do have one more question if anyone can give me an answer. If the network card has 32kb of memory enabled at d0000, should I or should I not reserve that area 
> in BIOS?

Yes - you don't want other devices trying to map their boot ROMs or similar
into this hard-jumpered ISA device's space. Looking over the ie driver
briefly it seems this is a shared-memory card where the memory resides
physically on the card, in ISA memory space, rather than being hidden within
the controller itself (behind io-ports).


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