old laptop, new x-server...

Ben Paley ben at spooty.net
Thu Jun 5 21:27:35 BST 2003


I've put FreeBSD 4.8-RELEASE on an old Thinkpad 560 (with help from Joe - 
thanks a lot!) which my dad gave me, but I'm having trouble with XF86-4. X-3 
works fine, but X-4 gives me some really weird effects - complicated to 
explain and probably not diagnostic, so I won't go into them unless it will 

It seems like there are two solutions: one is to abandon X-4 and just run X-3, 
but this is frankly crap. The other possibility is that someone will tell me 
the small, simple but obscure thing I need to do to get X-4 running.


Thanks in anticipation,


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