Selling FreeBSD

Robert Myles rob at
Thu Jun 5 15:22:30 BST 2003

--On 05 June 2003 14:55 +0100 Peter McGarvey <fbsd-x at> wrote:
> IMHO trying to score points over the misfortunes of Linux would make us
> look bad.  My main dislike of Linux groupies is the sniping at BSD for
> no reason and with no evidence to backup their claims.  Taking pot-shots
> at Linux because they are in a legal pickle would simply make us as bad
> as them.
> So, rather than sniping, why don't we help them defeat SCO?

I quite agree. BSD should be sold on it's merits, not because we're not in 
a legal pickle.

It wasn't that long ago that the BSDs had legal problems - the infamous 
1992 AT&T case against BSDi. Some reckon that case is one of the reasons 
BSD is not better known. Linux was starting to get press about then, and 
BSD was deep in a court case. That pretty much made the choice for some.


for more reasons BSD isn't more well known.


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