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Peter McGarvey fbsd-x at packet.org.uk
Thu Jun 5 15:17:44 BST 2003

* Andrew Hodgson <andrewh at jhcs.co.uk> [2003-06-05 15:02:38 BST]:
> Ceri Davies wrote:
> > 
> > On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 02:30:00PM +0100, Jon Mercer wrote:
> > > I'm not sure that going for a whizzy install is going to make for a
> > > wider adoption of BSD. Has anyone looked at the Lehey column in Daemon
> > > News, it does touch on this.
> > 
> > I'd agree that I don't feel there's a great need for a whizzy installer.
> > 
> > Something like Sun's JumpStart on the other hand, would be a major plus
> > in my opinion.  Yes, this is probably reasonably trivial, but if there's
> > one already available that's going to sound a lot better to the PHBs than
> > "of course it can be done, but we'd have to spend some time writing it
> > first".
> I haven't seen JumpStart yet, but I wouldn't dismiss out-of-hand what
> the visual impression of an installer can do for a new user's first
> impressions, especially if it's their first non-Windows/Mac OS.

Where I work they're downright anal about Sun kit.  So I've had the
misfortune to encounter JumpStart.  In office parlance "Been Jumped"
equates to "pile of crap requiring remedial work".

> Try an experiment - sit down a partner/friend/pet and get them to
> install FreeBSD. How do they get on? I think I'll try this tonight...my
> poor flatmates :)

A most excellent idea.

My wife has started bitching about Windose rather a lot lately.  It
seems she's finally accepted my opinion that if you can't get the
software to do what you want it's the *software* which is wrong, not the

So perhaps she's ready to try a /real/ OS.  :-)

> The point made earlier about an introductory text could probably be done
> by anyone with the inclination and writing skill, so maybe that's
> something that can be done more immediately.
> Andrew
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