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Peter McGarvey fbsd-x at
Thu Jun 5 14:55:05 BST 2003

* Paul Robinson <paul at> [2003-06-05 14:17:29 BST]:
> On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 01:48:08PM +0100, Andrew Hodgson wrote:
> > Sorry if this has been discussed a thousand times before, but Paul
> > Robinson's comment rang some bells with me. How does everyone feel about
> > the issue of promoting and advocating FreeBSD? Has anyone succeeded in
> > getting it implemented at work? Or in an educational setting?
> Well, the -advocacy list seems to be full of people slagging off Linux and 
> wanting to go out and make lots of noise about SCO not suing anybody over 
> code in the BSDs. Not a great pitch.

IMHO trying to score points over the misfortunes of Linux would make us
look bad.  My main dislike of Linux groupies is the sniping at BSD for
no reason and with no evidence to backup their claims.  Taking pot-shots
at Linux because they are in a legal pickle would simply make us as bad
as them.

So, rather than sniping, why don't we help them defeat SCO?

That would raise the profile of BSD.

And, perhaps, it may stop other opportunists from using the legal system
to have a go at open source projects.


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