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Thu Jun 5 14:05:53 BST 2003

* Frank Shute <frank at> [2003-06-05 12:00:48 BST]:
> I'm constantly getting 'phoned by double glazing people and lately
> credit card companies trying to sell me their services....the number
> of people employed trying to sell things makes the mind boggle; it's
> surprising that there's anybody left over to actually make anything.

I remember one time trying to explain to a double glazing salesman that
I didn't wish to purchase his double glazing - because I'd just had
double glazing installed.  For some reason he didn't seem to get it when
I tried to explain that no matter how big the discount, I still wouldn't
be interested.

> Can you imagine how cheap everything would be if people weren't
> employed in sales? I think I saw that Ford UK's advertising budget is
> 100 million a year. That's 100 million less going to make a decent
> product & one good reason why I would never buy a Ford.

But if Ford spent that additional 100 million making a better car how
would you know about it?  And what about all them advertising monkeys
who make a living from Ford's money?  They'd be out of a job - and it's
not as if they can do anything else.

Same goes for sales.  On the other hand sales monkeys can do other
things.  My most excellent CEO and MD are sales muppets.  When it comes
to screwing-up and driving companies into the ground, their track record
really speaks for itself (KPNQwest).

Our whole economy is based on money churning around.  I don't like it.
You don't like it.  It's mad.  It's sad.  It's downright discraceful
that famine is a function of economics and has nothing to do with
availability of food.

But as yet nobody has discovered a better solution.



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