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Lou Kamenov phayze at
Thu Jun 5 13:26:48 BST 2003

In some email I received from "Frank Shute" <frank at> on Thu, 5 Jun
2003 11:51:40 +0100, wrote:

> I'm constantly getting 'phoned by double glazing people and lately
> credit card companies trying to sell me their services....the number
> of people employed trying to sell things makes the mind boggle; it's
> surprising that there's anybody left over to actually make anything.
> Can you imagine how cheap everything would be if people weren't
> employed in sales? I think I saw that Ford UK's advertising budget is
> 100 million a year. That's 100 million less going to make a decent
> product & one good reason why I would never buy a Ford.
> </rant>

That's the economy though, it's hard to deal with all this advertising. 
That's how ppl buy useless things and keep parts of the economy going, it's a big cycle
in which we (the consumers) are playing huge role.

for example the credit card? the mp3 player? whatever... you get the drift.
there's tons of junk out there (being sold to consumers) , but if we want to start
cleaning spam will be the least we should try and remove.
let start with the environment unfriendly food packaging, and so on ..

In any way, you cannot hide your product and expect someone to come along and ask you for
it, even if it happens i'd call it a coincidence and i personally wont count on it though

There are different ppl out there, very different from each other, even those that will go
for penis enlargement. 

crazy world, sad humans and their needs ;-D


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