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Paul Robinson paul at
Thu Jun 5 12:48:11 BST 2003

On Thu, Jun 05, 2003 at 11:51:40AM +0100, Frank Shute wrote:

> do a search for `pumping parties'

If there is one thing that somebody asks me to do today that I'm unlikely to 
want to do - that's it.

> The `make money NOW!' stuff is always going to get takers amongst the
> desperate.

But surely, by now, everybody has realised that it never works...
> > I've read somewhere that the larger portion of the trade is
> > generally people brokering their email address lists to each other.

As a side-point, one spammer left his machine open a little too long once, 
it got publicised, I grabbed a copy of this address database. 250 million 
addresses. Four of them used to belong to me. Unbelievable.
> What irks me about these companies is not so much the spam itself but
> that it is such a clueless way to sell. I think the perceived wisdom
> is that you put off more people than you attract.

Well, there are two ways to market your product which are the same as the 
two ways you conduct market research - qualitative or quantitive. Beign a 
quality marketer means lots of effort, but your customer feels valued and 
you can charge more. Lots of quantity, and you don't care if you only get 1% 
of the customers using your product. In fact, on 250,000,000 addresses, do 
you care if it's only 0.001% ?
> Can you imagine how cheap everything would be if people weren't
> employed in sales? I think I saw that Ford UK's advertising budget is
> 100 million a year. That's 100 million less going to make a decent
> product & one good reason why I would never buy a Ford.

The reason why FreeBSD trails behind Linux in the outside world is because 
nobody is "selling" FreeBSD. It's debatable if this is a good thing or not.

Paul Robinson

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