BT ADSL Gateway

Simon Dick simond at
Thu Jun 5 11:02:08 BST 2003

On Thu, 2003-06-05 at 09:21, Daniel Finnimore wrote:
> I would like to set up an old pc to access BT broadband using the BT
> usb ADSL modem supplied. Where might I find the drivers for this. I
> haven't asked BT as I am sure that they would not have heard of
> FreeDSB or even be interested as its not windows.
> My plan is pc dials BT and then becomes the gateway, to save me buying
> a cisco router.

In ports: net/pppoa

I find with my setup my machine reboots if I try to upload large files
due to a USB overflow, I've gotten around that by using dummynet to
restrict outgoing traffic to 230Kbps

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