spam from the list

Pete French pete at
Wed Jun 4 17:53:52 BST 2003

> So, she isn't on any mailing lists then? I don't like that line - it can
> cause really nasty problems, or at least it will in my context. Also, I 

Not ones where she's likely to get mail from Taiwan or Korea apparently.
BTW, whats the problem with that line per-se, I added it so that any
of our friends who might concievably send mail from .tw or .kr would
still get through. I thought it was a good idea as it mitigates tthe effect
of the blanket ban on .kr and .tw domains

> don't like the idea of blocking entire TLDs like .kr and .tw - you might not 

Yeah, I balked at the idea, but she insited - I have to say that none of
the stuff its caught has been useful, or even in english (any of it). I
do a periodic check.

When the bogofilter is properly trained my aim is to add another rule in there
so that it wont dump anything marked as 'Good' either. that will prevent
anything the filters decide is definitely not spam from being ditched, even
if it did come from those domains.

> To be fair, I don't have spamassasin installed, nor do I use mozilla, so I

actually I hadnt heard of spamassasssin until today - I guess its siimilar
to bogofilter, which we just use to tag headers. then our users can filter
how they want. its been an interesting discussion today actually - the
comments about one persons spam being another persons message are particularly
relevent to us. in fact I am beginning to think that what we really want is
to set up the filitering on a per-user basis. Some of our users are on
mailing lists where the contents of the messages would probably have a very
high crossover with a lot of the more salacious spam doing the rounds.

might have to do a rethink on that over this weekend...


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