seting up ports

Daniel Daniel
Wed Jun 4 15:30:43 BST 2003

My faith has now been restored.

make install 2>&1 | tee MAKELOG gave a "Ambiguous output redirect" so I just
ran with the | tee MAKELOG

thanks again
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> On Wed, Jun 04, 2003 at 02:44:38PM +0100, Daniel Finnimore wrote:
> > I have run make, forgot to collect stdout and stderr and it started to
> > compile culminating in a core dump. I expected to find a copy of the
> > but could not.
> This is likely because they're turned off.  Try doing "ulimit -c
> unlimited" at the shell before you start if yuo want a core dump.
> > As I have a partial qmail set up, ie directories are there
> > etc. Would it be wise to try and make again and capture the errors, or
do a
> > fresh install. Do you think I could have a bad copy of FreeBSD as
> > does not want to work??. I have never had problems like this with Sco or
> > Suse.
> I think starting again would certainly not harm things.  Try doing:
>     # cd /usr/ports/mail/qmail
>     # make clean
>     # make install 2>&1 | tee MAKELOG
> See if that works...  Oh, if FreeBSD thinks you have the qmail package
> already installed, you may have to delete that first:
>     # pkg_info | grep qmail
>     (if needed)
>     # pkg_delete qmail-1.03
> -Dom

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