spam from the list

Dimitrios sehh at
Wed Jun 4 14:39:30 BST 2003

On Wed, 4 Jun 2003 12:36:48 +0100 Paul Robinson <paul at> wrote:

> You either mistaken, have few friends who send you mail out of the blue, or 

Please take a look at Bayesian filters and spamassassin. Its a superb tool
which works better than any other spam filter.

Its not just a word-filter. It makes checks on the email headers, finds valid
email client version strings, smtp gateway checks, validity of date field, and
lots other checks.

If an email is valid, it passes all tests, but even then it goes through
the Bayesian filters which do more word-checking.

The results are superb. I've got several email accounts and i get a lot
of emails per day (~100 or more). Many of those emails are spam, and
thus far spamassassin hasn't made a single mistake.

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