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Duncan Barclay dmlb at
Wed Jun 4 13:17:41 BST 2003

> > > emails from old friends are not marked as spam.
> > How do you make sure of that...
> why would emails  from old friends end up being marjked as spam ? what
> characteristics of spam would they be likelyto exhibit that would trigger
> the filters ?

One way is feeding spam rx'd on mailing lists in. Eventually, the
Mailing-List: header
gets enough hits of its own to count as spam. That was a frustrating day
until I worked out
what happened...

The other is having a "friend" that uses a hotmail account and a user name
of kitty...

> since we put the filters in here then about 10-15% of the spam which has
> us has ben auto dropped into the spam folder. the rest of the spam is
> marked as 'unsure' and is let through. but as I took all my saved email
> pumped it thhrough the filters too then almost all of my personal mail is
> marked as 'good'. Also checking the spam mailbox once a week is a
> good idea just to make sure nothing has slipped in there by accident.

I get about 80% into the spam folder, and no false negatives.

The other thing that I do is procmail out typical spammers character sets

# Spam language filtering


* ^Content-Type.*multipart
        :0 B

This on its own can cut down 50% of spam.

> -bat.
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