spam from the list

Lou Kamenov phayze at
Wed Jun 4 11:58:23 BST 2003

In some email I received from Pete French <pete at>,
tests=IN_REP_TO at, SPAM_PHRASE_00_01 at,
SUBJECT_IS_LIST at, version=2.43 at on Wed, 04 Jun 2003 11:29:00
+0100, wrote:

> > Bayesian filters need teaching. I've given mine
> > a folder with 4000 spam emails to learn from,
> > and i haven't seen a single spam for several months.
> is there an online corpus of spam anywhere that could be used for this ?
> I guess it also needs an equivalent quantitiy of 'ggod'email to balance it
> out doesnt it ?
> -bat.

SPAM is not a generic for everyone..
so spam for you dont have to be spam for your neighbour and so on..
the best thing to personalize it for yourself.
it's quite possible that  the bunch of collected spam by someone might not to the same job
for you.

designing such thing requires loads of AI and loads of learning in different environments 


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