NTL "broadband" connection

Jonathan Belson jon at witchspace.com
Mon Jun 2 15:41:11 BST 2003

Richard Ellis wrote:
> You can but I'm not sure you should judging from the T&Cs.  
> Users may also be interested in the cap on usage: 
> http://www.dont-pay-ntl.co.uk

I thought they changed their mind on the cap?  In any case, it wasn't a
hard limit, rather a guideline.

NTL broadband is based around a contention ration of around 20 to 1
which means that if ahem, less thoughtful users max out kazaa 24 hours
a day, other people's access is going to suffer.

Having said that, I'd describe myself as a heavy user (hundreds of mails
a day, lots of web browsing, a full freebsd mirror for local use) but I
don't often download more that 300KB a day.



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