NTL "broadband" connection

Jonathan Belson jon at witchspace.com
Mon Jun 2 13:29:37 BST 2003

Steve Purkis wrote:
> Dear all
> I connect a BSD "gateway" box to the net via BT ADSL USB modem at present & supply
net connections to other BSD & Win machines on a little network. I'm considering
moving to NTL & understand they supply a cable modem that can connect via USB or
Ethernet (but not much detail on their site!).

NTL are cheaper for a faster service.  I joined up quite a while ago, so I've
got one of the Motorola SurfBoard modems - I understand that you plug into the
cable set-top box now.  I didn't know they did a USB-based service, I thought
it was all ethernet.

There are occasional service outrages (a few months ago they deleted my f%!#ing
account for no reason) but on the whole it's pretty reliable.  Apart from the
news server which is hard to get on to - I suspect a lot of customers use usenet
leeching program that download every message from a group to extract binaries.

> Are here any problems I should be aware of? Any comments on their service?

It's DHCP based (although as someone else said, the IP doesn't change unless
you are offline for a while) which makes setting up a firewall script slightly
more tedious.

To summerise: when it works, it's great.



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