NTL "broadband" connection

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I have the very modem they use. They never collected it from me or when I
left the property. It's a TeraJet 210 Ultra High-Speed Modem, and it works
very well. I used USB, but it used to cause the PC to reboot, so I migrated
to the CAT5 connection - solid as a rock it was. - That was for 2 years at
uni too, so it got a fair bit of use ;)

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Subject: NTL "broadband" connection

> Dear all
> I connect a BSD "gateway" box to the net via BT ADSL USB modem at present
& supply net connections to other BSD & Win machines on a little network.
I'm considering moving to NTL & understand they supply a cable modem that
can connect via USB or Ethernet (but not much detail on their site!).
> Are here any problems I should be aware of? Any comments on their service?
> Many thanks
> Steve
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