NTL "broadband" connection

Sam Pikesley samdavidpikesley at yahoo.co.uk
Mon Jun 2 13:18:18 BST 2003

I have NTL broadband via RJ45 from the back of my
set-top box, and most of the time, it Just Works (tm).
It's DHCP, but it only ever changes when you reboot,
so that's not an issue if your firewall is always up.
Customer service tends towards cluelessness, but due
to this I did manage to get my first month as a free
trial when I told them I'd be connecting a FreeBSD box
and they swore blind that it wouldn't work. And they
once locked my account, but couldn't tell me why when
I phoned to have it unlocked. Apart from that, it's


--- Steve Purkis <steve at twistedfish.net> wrote: > Dear
> I connect a BSD "gateway" box to the net via BT ADSL
> USB modem at present & supply net connections to
> other BSD & Win machines on a little network. I'm
> considering moving to NTL & understand they supply a
> cable modem that can connect via USB or Ethernet
> (but not much detail on their site!).
> Are here any problems I should be aware of? Any
> comments on their service?
> Many thanks
> Steve
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