Gigabit Firewall

Lou Kamenov phayze at
Mon Jun 2 10:16:12 BST 2003

In some email I received from Steve Greenshaw <steve at> on Fri, 30 May 2003
11:06:52 +0100, wrote:

> Hi,
> Could anybody shed any light on the possibility of, complexity of, and 
> hardware recommended for setting up a gigabit capable firewall (with a 
> DMZ) using FreeBSD?

I suppose you need gigabit interface, also consider the fact that if the network is big
and loads of traffic is flying around you'd be better off with dedicated firewall
with ASIC. 

If you want to try and play with this:

Home made Cisco PIX firewall :)

> Any testing been done on this? Is it even possible? Any good links etc.?
> I've had a quick Google but thought that this list would probably have 
> some pointers or better still actual experience.


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