Jonathan Belson jon at
Sun Jun 1 16:05:22 BST 2003

Mark Lodge wrote:
> I have a 21" monitor and a reasonable, if not a little old, graphics card (TNT 16MB RAM).
> I used to run at 80x30 video mode but decided the text was too large. After some messing
 > I have ended up running with VESA_800x600. It all works well, but I have now lost my
 > little block mouse pointer (SC_MOUSE_CHAR=0x3) and am back to the "standard" white arrow
 > you get when running the GENERIC kernel (i.e. without SC_ALT_MOUSE_IMAGE and
 > SC_MOUSE_CHAR=0x3). It appears that the block pointer changes to an arrow whenever I use VESA but comes back if I switch to a non-VESA mode, like 80x30.
> 1)  Can I keep the block pointer when running VESA_800x600? And, if so, how?

Dunno about this.

> 2) I've spent ages messing around with vidcontrol, trying different video modes and
> fonts but none of them impress me :( I found that VESA_800x600 was the best of the bunch
> but could really do with a VESA_1024x768 or something similar. Does anyone have any
 > suggestions or mode/font combinations I could try? I'd kill for something like my Linux "vga=792".

I have the following in /etc/rc.local (yeah, maybe I'm old-fashioned)

for ii in /dev/ttyv*
     /usr/sbin/vidcontrol < $ii -g 100x37 VESA_800x600

I too have a 21" monitor and 100x37 looks pretty good.  I did have a rummage around the
sources to try a coax a 1024x768 mode (native resolution of my laptop) some time ago, but
didn't have much luck.


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