Multiple IPSec tunnels

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Thu Jul 31 16:33:42 BST 2003

> I think some book reading is in order... Read "Managing Cisco Network
> Security" and "Cisco Secure Virtual Private Networks"

It's not the Cisco setup that I'm having trouble with.

> And a question.... WHY?

I probably should of included a couple of things in my description.  The
network in between the freebsd server and the two Cisco devices is the
Internet.  The network behind the Cisco's (including the destination
point of would be a privately controlled corporate

I need to be able to have secure communication between the freebsd server
and said corporate infrastructure.  In addition, there will be multiple
egress points to the Internet from this private network and it makes sense
to build multiple tunnels (with encryption) for redundancy purposes.

Make sense?


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