reconnect ppp dial questions

William Cooper williamcooper at
Sat Jul 26 14:47:08 BST 2003

Afternoon everyone, hope you are enjoying your weekend,

It seems I might be moving from my existing ISP (btconnect) to another
ISP ( because of their terms of unlimited use, my btconnect
never had any disconnects so I haven't ever worried about but when it
did for whatever reason I would end up with two routing entries(1) under
the 'tun0' device when I used ifconfig and it seemed to foo bar internet
use up for the rest of the network (normally speed difference).

The new ISP I plan to go with have a package with unlimited use and a 6
hour cut off, so every day I might end up with 4 different entries under
'tun0'. Is there anything I can put in my ppp.conf or special setup so I
it deletes the last routing entry(1) and uses the new one when it
redials? Thus not making everything going loopy :). 

Any help would be lovely,

(1) I think they are routing entries


William Cooper

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