MSI Bluetooth dongles + FreeBSD 5.1 working

Bruce M Simpson bms at
Fri Jul 25 14:32:10 BST 2003


Just a note to let you all know that these are probed, attached and
driven by the Bluetooth stack in FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE.

ubt0: vendor 0x0db0 product 0x1967, rev 1.10/5.25, addr 2
ubt0: Interface 0 endpoints: interrupt=0x81, bulk-in=0x82, bulk-out=0x2
ubt0: Interface 1 (alt.config 5) endpoints: isoc-in=0x83, isoc-out=0x3; wMaxPacketSize=49; nframes=6, buffer size=294

These are the ones we purchased from Scan for 19.75 UKP + VAT.

And it seems to see the one sticking out of the back of one of the MeshBooks.

saboteur# hccontrol -n ubt0hci inquiry
Inquiry result, num_responses=1
Inquiry result #0
        BD_ADDR: 00:10:dc:e9:61:af
        Page Scan Rep. Mode: 0x1
        Page Scan Period Mode: 00
        Page Scan Mode: 00
        Class: 00:01:00
        Clock offset: 0x3f03
Inquiry complete. Status: No error [00]

saboteur# hccontrol -n ubt0hci remote_name_request 00:10:dc:e9:61:af 0 0 0
BD_ADDR: 00:10:dc:e9:61:af
Name: LocustWorld Mesh

saboteur# hccontrol -n ubt0hci create_connection 00:10:dc:e9:61:af
BD_ADDR: 00:10:dc:e9:61:af
Connection handle: 41
Encryption mode: Disabled [0]

saboteur# hccontrol -n ubt0hci read_connection_list 
Remote BD_ADDR    Handle Type Mode Role Encrypt Pending Queue State
00:10:dc:e9:61:af     41  ACL    0 MAST    NONE       0     0 OPEN

saboteur# hccontrol -n ubt0hci get_link_quality 41
Connection handle: 41
Link quality: 255

saboteur# hccontrol -n ubt0hci disconnect 41
Connection handle: 41
Reason: Connection terminated by local host [0x16]

Love and hugs,

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