View DHCP Result?

Dogers dogers at
Thu Jul 24 12:21:06 BST 2003

I might be having an attack of the stupid here, but how would i go about viewing 
what a DHCP server is actually giving out? I've set our (rather smelly) novell 
dhcp server to give out some pxe options, but clients dont seem to be receiving 
The options for dhcp logging are, rather annoyingly, greyed out, so can't see 
whats going on that way.. the clients definitely getting an address, so ought to 
be getting the extra options, but the tftp server specified doesnt even get a 
connection attempt - the client just fails and says unable to connect!

Any ideas to see whats being passed to the clients? I'm sure theres a way to do 
it, probably staring at me in the face, but i cant see it :)


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