permissions on CDROM

Bruce M Simpson bms at
Wed Jul 23 07:33:51 BST 2003

On Mon, Jul 21, 2003 at 09:19:28AM +0100, Frank Shute wrote:
> I've got an ATAPI CDROM and the device node looks like this:
> crw-r-----  4 root  operator  117,   0 Jul 11 18:09 /dev/acd0a
> I've got problems using Grip with it as a mere mortal. Is it safe to
> chmod/chgrp the device & if so what do folks suggest?

I generally bung /dev/acd0 in /etc/fbtab and don't worry about it...

However, I should really change devd.conf in 5.x, because different
nodes get created (e.g. acd0t0N for each session in a multi-session disc).


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