X permissions

Frank Shute frank at esperance-linux.co.uk
Mon Jul 21 15:25:45 BST 2003

I wanted to give root at localhost access to X which is launched by
frank at localhost.

I thought you could simply use xhost but I can't figure out how to. Or
do I have to get into all that weird stuff with cookies etc?
Annoyingly man Xsecurity(1) doesn't exist in my docs.

If somebody could tell me the appropriate incantations it would be

Another permission problem:

crw-r-----   2 root   operator  117,   0 Nov  1  2001 acd0a

is it OK to chgrp wheel or do I add myself to the operator group? It's
an ATAPI CDROM and I'm presently leaning towards the latter. I'm not
too sure what the operator group is about though.



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