RAV AntiVirus for MailSevers [FreeBSD]

Simon Kershaw simon at kershaw.org.uk
Thu Jul 17 14:36:18 BST 2003

On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 03:41:41PM +0100, Serge -Intraforum- wrote:

 > I have rather specific setup on my server:  FreeBSD 4.8 & PSA 6.0
 > (qmail) from http://www.sw-soft.com , just trying to figure out
 > *what would be the best antivirus software for this setup* (so far
 > I got little help from the PSA vendor, a sales guy writing answers
 > like "the anti-virus program I recommend is SpamAssasin" (unless
 > SpamAssassin now includes antivirus module, which I doubt) - he's
 > a nice guy but he does not really know what he's talking about,
 > and my FreeBSD knowledge is rather patchy. Btw, because of PSA

Actually SpamAssassin can be quite effective at trapping viruses. I find 
that it traps pretty much every virus that comes my way (and that's 
quite a lot -- several hundred a month).

It doesn't do this out of the box, but as most popular viruses come as 
some form of MS executable (exe, bat, pif, scr and so on), all you have 
to do is to increase the spam rating of MS executables. I have the 
following lines in my SpamAssassin prefs


Between them, and taking into account any other spam indicators, this is 
enough to intercept viruses (which requires a score of 5.0 or more). 
Unless you are frequently sent legitimate MS executable files, of course.

Simon Kershaw

Simon Kershaw
simon at kershaw.org.uk
St Ives, Cambridgeshire

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