RAV AntiVirus for MailSevers [FreeBSD]

Frank Shute frank at esperance-linux.co.uk
Wed Jul 16 20:27:29 BST 2003

On Wed, Jul 16, 2003 at 03:41:41PM +0100, Serge -Intraforum- wrote:
> At 15:17 16/07/2003 +0100, you wrote:
> >Serge,
> >
> >I'll do my best. What exactly did you want to know?
> I have rather specific setup on my server:  FreeBSD 4.8 & PSA 6.0
> (qmail) from http://www.sw-soft.com , just trying to figure out
> *what would be the best antivirus software for this setup* (so far
> I got little help from the PSA vendor, a sales guy writing answers
> like "the anti-virus program I recommend is SpamAssasin" (unless
> SpamAssassin now includes antivirus module, which I doubt) - he's
> a nice guy but he does not really know what he's talking about,
> and my FreeBSD knowledge is rather patchy. Btw, because of PSA
> (which by the way I would be happy to get rid of, if I could),
> I've got other non-conventional headaches as well, for example,
> how to install Asus server management software without causing
> damage to PSA Apache httpd sub-system (there's some not quite
> compatible PHP-module) etc.
> Back to antivirus: I've got TrendMicro Server Protect OEM, it
> came bundled with Asus server (Linux, but should be compatible),
> I'm not sure if it's a suitable product but I'll try to evaluate
> it on my test machine anyway.

I don't know PSA but I know Qmail. There's a list of anti-virus
products that work with Qmail here:


Haven't used any of them so I'm afraid I can't make any sort of



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