CUTS (was: Reminiscences)

John Murphy jfm at
Thu Jul 17 00:58:23 BST 2003

=46irst data I received from a long way away was from Amsat back in 1980
something.  I discovered that by inverting the CUTS circuitry inside
my BBC B computer and connecting the tape input to a receiver on ~144Mhz
and pointing the beam in the appropriate direction, the satellite would
come up out of the noise and display telemetry (battery temperature, op
voltage and stuff) at about 300 Baud IIRC.  Wrote it up and tried to get
it published, but I guess most beebs were still under warranty at the =

Totally OT I know but I'm in a reminiscing mood :)

I'm also thinking back to my first memory upgrade, it was to a home built
Microtan computer.  Caught the train from Telford to Stoke on Trent via
Wolverhampton and Birmingham.  Found "The Computer Shop" and handed
over =A319 for two 512 byte chips to double the memory to 2K!

At that rate today's average 512MByte pc memory would cost =A39,728,000!

:) John.

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