A bit OT - Urban Myths?

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Wed Jul 16 16:58:33 BST 2003

> > arent any viruses. I dont think I'll get a virus on the FreeBSD servers,
> The myth that Unix OSes have no virii for them is not true I'm afraid.  
> There's this lot:

heh - I'll claim 'typo' and say I missed off the 'm' in front of 'any' ;-)

> http://www.sophos.com/virusinfo/analyses/index_unixworm.html

Interesting. I guess it shouldnt surprise me - after al the first real worm
to hit the public conciousness was for UNIX.

> I respect my parents. I don't expect them to be useful though. :-) 

I love your world - it has no notable virii and no legacy systems to
support either. How do I get a job like that ?


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