A bit OT - Urban Myths?

Pete French pete at twisted.org.uk
Wed Jul 16 14:20:12 BST 2003

> You probably don't need it. It impresses bosses that mail is being 

???? Not sure why you say that. Nothing to do with bosses, I just dont want my
outlook using girlfriend to get a virus on the windows machines, as the email
is comming in unscanned as Norton wont scan incomming IMAP stuff. As it
passed throughexim (twice) on its way to outloook though I think theres scope
for catching them before the hit theM$ machines.

> Sophos + Exiscan + Exim.

Thats exim 4 isnt it ? Running 4 here on toybox and 3 on the home
machine (4 keeps dumping core at home, not figured out why as yet).

> experiencing. :-) I'm not going to get into MTA wars, but every .ac.uk MX
> I've seen runs exim, I've seen sites with 750,000 customers use nothing more

*shrug* I dont know anyone who runs anything else either. before that we ran
Smail. I used to work with Nigel Metheringham so he kind of influenced
my choice of MTA's :-) The only annoyance I have ever had with exim is
its lack of backward portability - I tried many times to compile it
on BSD 4.3 based systems and never managed it, so was stuck wth smail.

> Sophos is great to have on a FreeBSD box anyway...

I am being swayed. Will go take alook.


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